Thursday May 26th, 2016 – DAY 1

10:30am-12:00pm – Workshop I

Name of Workshop: Welcoming Newcomer Volunteers: Supportive Practices and Resources You Can Use
Presented by: Denise Scott, Melissa King, Rose Huh
Session Synopsis:  Have you explored how you can tap into the experience and skills of newcomer volunteers? Engaging newcomers in building your community through volunteering requires welcoming organizations, supportive practices and intentional outreach. This session will discuss best practices, how to tackle challenges and will offer useful resources on engaging newcomer volunteers.

Name of Workshop: Help! I’ve Been Asked to Develop a Framework for Volunteer Engagement! - FULL
Presented by: Sarah Indewey, CVA; Maryanne Wainman, CVA
Session Synopsis: Join staff from Queen’s University to hear about their introduction of a strategic volunteer engagement framework at the university. They will share their journey of implementing a Vision for Volunteering at Queen’s, while leveraging the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (CCVI) as a tool for success, professionalizing processes and tools that support volunteer involvement, and raising awareness of the value of volunteer contributions within an organization.

Name of Workshop: Collaboration Through a Journey of Change and Transition
Presented by: Sheila Rankin, Tom MacNeil, Sara Langford, CVA, Carol Kaulback, Martin Fisher, Marg McClean
Session Synopsis: Join the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) as they present their journey transitioning to a provincial program perspective and hear from representatives of the four (NSHA) zones regarding the challenges and opportunities, and the hopes and fears of developing a provincial Volunteer Services Program.  See and hear the progress to date as they move from strategy to operations.


Friday May 27th, 2016 – DAY 2

8:30am-10:00am – Workshop II

Name of Workshop: Using Social Media: the good, the bad, and the completely unexpected
Presented by: Maura Donovan, Sheena Jamieson, Raven Watts
Session Synopsis: Are you thinking about using social media as part of your volunteer program?  Have you already started using social media, but feel like you need to do something different in order to be more effective? Or, do you have social media experiences, good or bad, that you would like to share with others?  If so, please join us for a participatory discussion on using social media in volunteer programs and voluntary organizations. Bring your questions, insights, and/or lessons learned!

Name of Workshop: Beyond the Basics – Reach for the Best of Board Governance
Presented by: Veronica McNeil
Session Synopsis: Are you looking to maximize the potential of your board?  It’s not about luck, it’s about good design of board process.  Learn how accessible governance tools, good planning and simple governance practices come together to keep board members highly motivated, actively engaged and focused on mission work.

Name of Workshop: Banishing Self-Doubt and Developing Trust Within the Team
Presented by: Sandi Reimer
Session Synopsis: Do you lead a team of talented, capable volunteers who have untapped skills? Discover ways to encourage volunteers to believe in their own abilities and maximize opportunities within your organization by providing confident, well trained people for the job.

Name of Workshop:  Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA):  A Mark of Excellence
Presented by: Katie Campbell
Session Synopsis: In today’s competitive marketplace, professional credentials usually increase your credibility and promote career development.  Learn about this international competency-based program, the process for becoming Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA), and how this can benefit you and your organization.  This workshop is recommended for those with at least three years experience managing and leading volunteers. 

Name of Workshop: Mapping Professional Competencies- Documenting the Link Between Daily Professional Practice and National Occupational Standards
Presented by: Brenda Wallace-Allen
Session Synopsis: In this workshop, participants will examine simple competency assessment tools that align with the National Occupational Standards for volunteer management professionals. These tools can be used to develop job seeking material, prepare for performance appraisals, plan professional development strategies, and assess and recognize prior learning.


10:30am-12:00 pm– Workshop III

Name of Workshop: Sticky Situations:  Applying Ethics to Your Work with Volunteers
Presented by: Katie Campbell
Session Synopsis: We all encounter challenging situations with no clear “right” solution.  Learn how to recognize ethical issues, understand the difference between personal and professional ethics, and the ethical principles for our field.  Practice a decision-making process for navigating real-life ethical dilemmas and get tips on how to incorporate ethics into the fabric of your organization.

Name of Workshop: Engaging Youth – Why They Keep Coming Back to Volunteer!
Presented by: Sonya Jahn, CVA
Session Synopsis: Develop a fine balance of energy, inspiration, encouragement, and fun that grows your youth volunteers of today to your future community leaders.
Youth volunteers are a source of energy and dynamic enthusiasm that, with investment, could be one your volunteer program’s greatest resources.

Name of Workshop: Les déterminants sociaux de la santé – le rôle que peut jouer le bénévolat
Presented by: Lola Dubé-Quibell
Session Synopsis: Le bénévolat a un impact positif sur l'individuel, la communauté ainsi que les déterminants sociaux de la santé de notre population.  Découvrez comment le bénévolat peut affecter certains de ces injustices et comment vous pouvez favoriser les occasions enrichissantes.

Name of Workshop: Building Your Brand - They Can’t Find You if they Don’t Know You
Presented by: Lesley Dunn
Session Synopsis: No money, no problem!  Brand awareness for your organization or program is about building awareness.  There are 101 ways to get your message out for free - - how many are you accessing?

Name of Workshop: Celebrating the Impact and Legacy of our Devoted Volunteers
Presented by: Ruth Millard, CVA & Kim Williams, CVA
Session Synopsis: Develop strategies to retain new volunteers and celebrate the impact of your devoted volunteers!

Name of Workshop: Staff & Volunteers: finding the sweet spot to mutual success!
Presented by: Maryanne Jackson, B.A.
Session Synopsis: Would you like to improve your Staff/Volunteer relations? Look no further! Participants will be provided with a tool kit to build and improve relationships between staff and volunteers – tool kit will include tips on how to engage staff and ways to incorporate Volunteer Services into every aspect of your organization (including staff orientation).  This interactive workshop will provide participants an opportunity to share success stories and areas for growth as we learn with, from and about each other.


1:00pm-2:30pm – Workshop IV

Name of Workshop: Building Your Career: A Wealth of Resources Available at Your Fingertips
Presented by: Ruth Millard
Session Synopsis: Did you know that you have a multitude of professional resources at your fingertips?  You do!  Gain a better understanding of where to go to search out resources at three levels: local, provincial and national.  Each level plays a key role and is important to you as a professional. 

Name of Workshop: Let’s Gift Rap
Presented by: Janet Canavan, CVA
Session Synopsis: People engaged in volunteerism know all too well the importance of appreciation and recognition. It is becoming an increasing challenge to understand what meaningful thank yous are possible given diminished resources, diversity, and mission focus. In this workshop we will rap our way into offering recognition that makes a difference in the lives of our volunteers - those who contribute so much to our organizations. 

Name of Workshop: Government Relations: Making Your Case Effectively with Limited Resources
Presented by: Paige Hoveling
Session Synopsis:  Relationship building is essential to your organization’s success; but how can you build relationships while struggling with limited resources? This presentation will address how to create a volunteer - government relations program, including how to build positive relationships with all levels of government and the essential tools needed to manage this process.

Name of Workshop: Adventures in Online Volunteer Training 2.0…the Continuing Story
Presented by: Lindsay Baker
Session Synopsis: Learn about the Vancouver Aquarium’s journey to design, deliver and incorporate online modules into their volunteer training program last year. Gain insight into what worked and what didn’t, hear tips on how to get started, ask questions and explore the features of Articulate Storyline through demonstrations of their completed modules.

Name of Workshop: Mapping and Storytelling: Using innovative Ways to Promote Volunteer Opportunities
Presented by: Genevieve Allen Hearn, MES
Session Synopsis: A volunteer map is an innovative way to showcase volunteer opportunities in your region. Users can search by geographical region, by sector, or by specific credentials. The map allows citizens to easily access information about volunteer opportunities and directly link to groups and organizations. Digital stories are an effective way to promote volunteer opportunities using first person narratives. Stories have a profound impact, as they are honest, personal, and engaging.

Name of Workshop: Volunteer Trends in Health Care
Presented by: Tracey Fraser
Session Synopsis: Join us as we enjoy a group discussion on topics such as staff-volunteer relations, program changes and embracing technology in a round table discussion format.  We look forward to sharing information and hearing your experiences.  This workshop is recommended for those in health care facilities but is open to everyone.


2:30pm-4:30pm – Workshop V

Art Gallery Nova Scotia – site visit
With locations in downtown Halifax and Yarmouth, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is the largest art museum in Atlantic Canada. The Gallery is also responsible for acquiring, preserving and exhibiting works of art, and for providing education in the visual arts. Join us for a tour of the Gallery and to learn about the recent changes to the Docent and Guide training programs which resulted in volunteer numbers doubling in just one year!

IWK Health Centre – site visit
The IWK Health Centre is the Maritime region's leading health care and research centre dedicated to the well-being of women, children, youth and families. Join us as we explore programs, volunteer involvement and more!

Museum of Natural History – site visit
The Museum of Natural History, is responsible for the collecting and recording of artifacts of cultural significance to Nova Scotia as well as promoting Nova Scotia's natural landscape. The Museum houses collections on Archeology, Ethnology, Mammals, Marine life and more. Join us as we explore programs, volunteer involvement and more!

Nova Scotia Health Authority – at Delta Halifax
The Nova Scotia Health Authority is comprised of hospitals, health centres in rural and urban settings across all of Nova Scotia.  Through their participation in over 420 different volunteer programs, close to 2,000 volunteers in Central Zone enhance the patient experience throughout all our facilities and services. Join us as we explore programs, volunteer involvement and more!

FULL - Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 – site visit
The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is Canada’s newest national museum. This National Historic Site located at the Halifax Seaport is the last standing immigration terminal in Canada.  From 1928 to 1971, nearly one million immigrants disembarked at Pier 21.  Come visit us to see where these immigrants took their first footsteps in Canada and explore a new permanent exhibition which tells the broader story of Canadian Immigration.

Out of the Cold Shelter – at Delta Halifax