To inspire exceptional leaders of volunteer resources management, and advance the capacity of communities to engage volunteers.

To support volunteer management professionals and leaders in the pursuit of excellence in the profession and to act as the provincial voice committed to the advancement of  the profession in Nova Scotia.

Professionalism - We aspire to represent our profession in a manner which embodies our standards of excellence.
Integrity - We adhere to moral and ethical principles in the application of all duties and responsibilities.
Collaboration - We build provincial, national and international partnerships that encourage innovation, creativity, vision and passion.
Learning and Development - We foster continuous growth of the profession and the knowledge, skills and abilities of professionals.
Expertise - We recognize, contribute to, draw upon, and share specialized and comprehensive knowledge and evolving best practices.


Goals & Objectives:

  • Inspire exceptional leadership of volunteer resources.
  • Advance professional standards of ethical practice.
  • Encourage skills and knowledge development and access to professional development opportunities.
  • Promote the benefits of certification.
  • Raise awareness and advocate on behalf of the profession.
  • Promote the impact of the voluntary sector through education, communication and collaborations
  • Foster connections for the exchange of information, ideas and networking.
  • Build provincial, national and international collaborations to advance the profession
  • Attract, retain, foster and honour volunteer management professionals.