We’re excited to announce confirmation of our 2016 Keynote Speaker: Gerard Murphy

Gerard lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and continues to call St. John’s, Newfoundland “home”.  He’s the proud owner of Barefoot Facilitation Inc. A naturally fun, dynamic and engaging speaker, Gerard is passionate about creating space for people to engage in conversations that count – that is, conversations that have impact and help to stretch your potential!

He works nationally, provincially and regionally to provide facilitation, training and consulting services to clients within the voluntary, public and private sectors. And he has in-depth experience in community development, health promotion and volunteer engagement.  He’s a lifelong volunteer and a previous volunteer manager.

In his spare moments, Gerard is likely dancing, sipping a glass of red wine or traveling with his wife, Susan.  

Learn more about Gerard’s work at www.trybarefoot.com and say “hello” on 

Twitter @trybarefoot

More information about the keynote to come!